5 Reasons We Love Afternoon Tea

1.) Exciting Locations

You can indulge in a high-end luxury hotel, or you can get together with your family in a cozy tea room down your local town.  

2.) A Different way to Indulge yourself

After a hard day’s work, we all deserve a treat every now and then… but sometimes you want something a little different to dinner out or a cooked breakfast. Sometimes, it would be nice to be treated with a delicious Afternoon Tea. Think your favorite finger sandwiches, devonshire cream and jam, sweet pastries, and yummy cakes – it certainly beats the sandwich in your packed lunch.

3.) Social Occasions

Whatever the social occasions, whether it be a birthday, a baby shower, or a romantic date, sitting around a table and sharing a pot of tea is the perfect way to spend your afternoon. It’s a chance to bring everyone together and reminisce about past memory’s, get excited about the future, and relax, forgetting about everyday stresses…

4. An excuse to get dressed up

Let face it, we all love an excuse to get dressed up and what better time to slip into your favorite dress or smart shirt than an afternoon tea? It’s a great chance to get your hair and makeup done and wear those clothes you don’t get a chance to every day whilst sampling an array of delicious sweets and sandwiches. But remember to wear something with a little give as overindulging is likely!

5. An excuse to drink champagne midday

You should never need to justify opening your favorite bottle of bubbly, but occasionally, an excuse helps. An afternoon tea midday is a perfect reason to crack open a bottle of Champagne with friends and get your taste buds going with a scone and jam and a perfectly matched glass of fizz. Never has a glass of champagne tasted so good…

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