Meet Guerby Joseph, our President and Founder

Guerby is a creative, intuitive, focused, positive, and passionate leader.  He is extremely passionate about the environment, health and wellness, and fashion.

Joseph's Tea is Guerby's third businesses that he has co-founded.  Guerby grew up in Haiti and moved to the United States as a teenager.  He lived in Tampa with his family and then got his Bachelors in Business. in 2009 Guerby moved to NYC where he worked as a Manager for Retail Stores and started planning his businesses.  

In 2019 Guerby met Shannon and after a few dates they both knew that they had found their partner for life.  They have joined forces in Guerby's company Empire Street Style and have now completely planned, designed, and launched Joseph's Tea.  The passion they share for both nature and helping people live better lives is the driving force that helped them build everything at both of their companies. 

 Guerby's Current Companies:

Joseph's Tea -

Special-Tea Room President and Founder

Empire Street Style -

CEO and Founder --
Athleisure Clothing Brand

 Guerby Joseph was introduced to the world of fashion and design by his mother, Rosanna Richard, and his uncle Roger Richard. Both were tailors by trade in the Haitian town of Hinche. Rosanna specialized in creating custom high-end women’s clothing while Roger worked creating menswear. Guerby spent a lot of time in their workshop as a child and developed an affinity for fine clothing. Guerby would watch his mother and uncle work with their customers, and he was always amazed how perfectly they were able to tailor garments to each of their different clients. The clothes would become part of their wearer and an extension of their unique personality. Guerby was intrigued by the way an ordinary piece of fabric could become beautiful art and transform the person wearing it. Guerby also came to realize the trade was about more than just clothes: the real magic and satisfaction was in the fit, the colors, the creativity and best of all, the smile on someone’s face as they slipped into a garment made just for them. His mother saw his interest and potential at an early age and apprenticed him to tailoring school during the summer. It was difficult at the beginning, but Guerby loved the environment and threw himself diligently into the work. Before he returned to school that year, he was adept in garment repair and in his element; the menial apprentice tasks were a small price to pay for the creativity, the atmosphere, and the shop talk between customer and tailor that invariably turned to the politics of the day. Guerby learned many skills and lessons from his mother and uncle. His time in the tailor shop molded him into the person he is today. Guerby also owe part of his training to his younger brother Kerly, who helped him develop his style and perfect his craft. Kerly served as a willing (if naive) clothing model for Guerby’s very first designs.  

In Haiti, Nature was always a part of Guerby growing up. His town was small, and they only had about 5 cars in the whole town. Everyone he knows had their own home garden for fruits and vegetable. Every weekend it was a custom for Guerby and his friends to ride their bicycles to the countryside and visit their family farms. That was their getaway weekend and they loved it. The gardens were beautiful and fruitful. They would climb the mango trees and play on those branches while eating fresh mangos and talk about their plans for future. [Some other season it sugars canes or avocado]. After eating mangos, they always feel their backpacks with mangos to bring to the city for family and friends. They would swim in those rivers and build raft with banana trees and sticks then go down the current while singing.                                                     

This early age experience has had a tremendous and lasting effect on Guerby. The passion and the love he has for fashion and Nature has fueled his ambition to become not only a fashion mogul but a social entrepreneur here in United States. In 2017, Guerby started “Empire Street Style.” Empire Street Style is a leading online source for fair trade, eco-friendly clothing, and guides for clean living. The brand focuses on their mission: helping people Do Better, Live Better and Dress Better through their ethically-produced clothing and health blogs on diet, exercise and fashion advice collected at

Guerby chose to start a fair-trade and ecofriendly company after watching the now famous documentary on Netflix called “True cost” where he learned some disgusting facts and dirty secrets about the fast fashion industry. [Every year, Americans buy 80 billion new items of clothing and dump 11 million tons of clothing into landfills. According to environmental documentary The True Cost, an estimated 40% of landfills are made up of used clothing textiles.]

Guerby wanted to make a difference. At Empire Street Style Guerby’s main goal is to inspire people to live a healthy, green lifestyle through the brand philosophy. Guerby and his team practice what they preach and are committed to creating eco-friendly, responsibly sourced apparel. One of Empire Street Style goals is to help their customers educate themselves on reducing their carbon footprint. Guerby believes that investing in eco-friendly brands like Empire Street Style is a great start to achieving this goal.