The cycle of overeating, binging, giving in to the urge to snack late in the evening can be a complicated and harrowing one to overcome. 


For several years, my trouble with emotional eating came from boredom and loneliness. There was a time when I experienced those emotions DAILY!


While I am grateful that I do not deal with those emotions as often anymore, they still show up occasionally. And that is when the old habit of coping with my emotions with food rears its head.


I have found that to create new habits making them RITUALISTIC has worked well for me.


Here is why:


  1. Rituals are very personal and special to the people who practice them, making them more likely to stay in one's repertoire.
  2. Rituals can feel both soothing and empowering. Two things we look towards food to help us feel.
  3. Rituals feed the soul. Because they are often intended to serve a higher purpose, rituals offer some solace that food actually cannot in the bigger picture.


Here are some of my tried and true evening rituals: 


  1. Sit on the "cozy" part of my couch (the chaise lounge near the lamp with the soft light bulb in the corner) with my tea and book from one of my favorite authors. Light some candles, if you wish, and read for a bit. Notice if the urge to eat has diminished or disappeared altogether. 
  2. Put on some mood music (80's love songs, spiritual, hip-hop... whatever makes you happy), and give yourself a facial or a mani/pedi 
  3. Do some journaling. THOUGHTS ARE ENERGY and when they get stuck, they tend to create uncomfortable emotions. So, I dump them out on paper.
    Personally, I am more inspired when the weather is warm and the light sticks around more. I find a change of scenery distracts from the urge to snack.


What do you think about creating a ritual for the New Year?



To get in deeper with more support on how to end emotional eating and late night snacking, join me on January 24, 2021 for my Crush Your Cravings group program. Identify and conquer your triggers, develop a mindset that keeps you strong, committed and on track, create new habits that help you to cope with the stressors that lead to overeating. 

Hurry, space is limited!  


My name is Wendy Bonilla, and I'm an elementary school teacher, a devoted family member, friend and partner, a salsa-dancing diva and a dedicated wellness seeker. I’m the founder of Well Balanced with Wendy and the creator of Own Your Wellness Annual Women’s Conference, as well as, co-author in Today’s Inspired Latina Volume 4. I'm a busy woman finding balance on a daily basis to make sure I feel and show up as MY BEST
Happy New Year

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