Joseph’s Tea for Love, Wellness and Health!


Joseph’s Tea is an online specialty tea shop offering teas made with high-quality, all-natural ingredients: you can see, smell, and taste the difference! Founders Guerby and Shannon have plans to open a physical location in Clearwater, Florida on September 29 this year and hope you will be a part of their journey. In the meantime, we invite you to taste, share, and join the Joseph’s Tea family and culture of healthy living!

Tea has many amazing properties and helps people live their best lives. Enjoying a cup of tea affords a reason to share an experience with family and friends, engage in conversations and laughter, or read a great book. We welcome you to sample our Joseph’s Tea varieties while enjoying life, one cup of tea at a time!

Our Teas have been especially selected by our Tea Expert to represent the best value for your money. It is not only important to purchase good tea but it is equally important to make it right. Please see our brewing recommendations in the information page.

Joseph's Tea Micro-blended teas yield much more than others because of the excellent quality and types of tea we use.

Pyramid Sachets

Our pyramid sachets are made with biodegradable and compostable starch material. The string and tag are attached by ultrasonic sealing and not glue. The material is transparent so that the user can see what is inside. You will not see rubbish but only good teas and other ingredients specially selected by us.

Pyramid sachets offer the quality and flavor of loose tea with the convenience of a tea bag by allowing more space for the tea leaves to unfurl unlike a conventional tea bag. The result is a much better quality tea with uncompromising flavor.

Joseph's Tea Bags

You can brew 1 Pot (6 cup/1 qt) of tea with two tea bags. If cream or milk is to be added, use double. Our tea bags have excellent quality and flavor because our teas are processed in a ‘Rotorvane’ which reduces the size of the tea leaf without a loss of flavor. Because tea leaves unfold and restrict the space inside the bag during brewing, orthodox full leaf teas cannot be used efficiently in conventional tea bags. By using 2 grams of Rotorvane broken leaf teas in a double chamber flo-thru tea bag, this problem has been overcome.

On every tea particle, there is a coating of dried concentrated tea juice which dissolves in water. Frequent dipping of the tea bag in boiling water causes the tea to be in maximum contact with water at all times and greatly improves the extraction process. For best results always use spring water or soft water.

Duration of brewing in a pot is usually 5 minutes. If brewing in a cup, remove the bag after a few seconds. You can use the same bag for several cups. However, brewing in a tea pot is highly recommended. Unused tea can be refrigerated for Iced Tea.


  • Cover the tea pot with a tea cozy to retain heat.
  • Spent tea leaf is a good source of fertilizer.
  • If tea leaves remain in the pot too long, the tea may get stronger and bitter. Remember; flavor comes out first and tannins, next. Excessive tannins make the tea taste bitter.
  • Shelf life of tea is more than 24 months if kept airtight in a dry place. Tea should not be kept in the refrigerator as it will absorb moisture and food smell.
  • Use a dry spoon to measure loose leaf tea.